Welcome to the United Furniture Association (UFA), the leading authority and
advocate for the furniture industry. We are a professional organization
dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth, development, and success
of the furniture sector. With a rich history of 23 years of existence and a strong commitment to
excellence, we strive to be the go-to resource for industry professionals,
businesses, and consumers alike.

Our Mission

The mission of the United Furniture Association is to foster collaboration,
provide industry insights, and advocate for the interests of the furniture
industry. We aim to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that drives
innovation, fosters business growth, and enhances the overall value and
perception of furniture as an essential element of our daily lives.

Industry Support and Resources:
As a member of the [United Furniture Association, you gain access to a
wealth of resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities. We provide a
platform for industry professionals to connect, share best practices, and
stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and market insights.
From educational workshops and seminars to industry conferences and trade
shows, we offer a comprehensive range of events and initiatives to support
your professional development and business success.

Advocacy and Representation:
We are the unified voice of the furniture industry, representing the
interests of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, designers, and other
stakeholders. Through active engagement with government bodies, regulatory
agencies, and industry partners, we advocate for policies and initiatives
that promote a favorable business environment, fair trade practices, and
sustainable manufacturing processes. We aim to shape policies that foster
growth and innovation, while ensuring the long-term viability of the
furniture industry.

Education and Training:
We believe in the power of knowledge and continuous learning. Our
association offers educational programs, workshops, and training
opportunities designed to enhance the skills and expertise of industry
professionals. From design and craftsmanship to sales and marketing
strategies, we provide valuable resources to help our members stay ahead in
a rapidly evolving marketplace. Our commitment to education extends to
consumers as well, as we strive to promote awareness and understanding of
the value and benefits of quality furniture.

Industry Standards and Ethics:
Maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and ethical conduct is
paramount in the furniture industry. As a member of the United Furniture
Association, you join a community dedicated to upholding these
principles. We collaborate with regulatory bodies and industry experts to
develop and promote industry standards, codes of conduct, and certification
programs. By adhering to these benchmarks, we ensure consumer confidence,
enhance product integrity, and foster a culture of trust within the
furniture industry.

Our Objectives


  1. To provide members with a platform for the exchange of experience, ideas and suggestions including information and educational services as it is relevant to its trade.
  2. To stimulate awareness and debates or, exploitation of wood in all its ramifications to produce unique furniture.
  3. To promote and maintain close and friendly relations with all such persons and bodies both internationally and at home, including government officials, who their words or, actions could influence the fortunes of the association.

Meet Our Team

Let’s get to know our team leads



1. Dr Prince Emeka EgwuekwePresident
2.Mr Alloysius UmehVice president
3.Mr Chukwuebuka S. ChukwudumSecretary
4.Elder Cosmos NdukaAssistant secretary
5.Mr Audu BraimahTreasurer
6.Mr Ibrahim GarbaFinancial secretary
7.Mr Uchechukwu EboguP.R.O
8.Mr Charles IfekanwaWelfare officer
9.Mr Dominic UbahAssistant welfare officer
10.Mr ThankGod M. OkoyeProvost
11.Mr Godwin AgboTaskforce Chairman

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